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How to Choose the Best Moving and Storage Service

Moving and Storage Service

At Budget Storage we offer extremely discounted moving services for our customers and are one of only a few storage facilities in the State of Ohio that offer this service. If you need help moving your belongs to or from our storage units, simply visit with our Manager about getting a quote to tackle the all or part of the job for you. Even better, there is never a charge for our FREE Move-In truck when you hire us to help move your things in to storage. Even better, we are experts in how to pack a storage unit properly and in many cases you can rent a smaller unit because of this fact to save money. Don’t hire an expensive moving company to do your move. Hire the pro’s at Budget Storage, for a fraction of the price, and get the job done right. Call us at (614) 236-1278 for more details.

Moving your house or office can be a huge and tiring process. But if you hire the right mover, the whole experience will be easy and enjoyable. A reputable moving and storage company will take of everything from the packing to unpacking. But if you hire the wrong company, things will even more hectic for you and your belongings will be endangered.

To help you make your moving process as smooth as possible, the following are top 5 few tips for selecting the best moving and storage service in your city.

1. Get Recommendations Before you start researching for a reputable mover, talk to your friends and relatives who have recently moved. Ask them about their experience with the company they used and it was good, ask them the company’s details. They may also give sound advice on what to look for when finding a mover. If your close friend or relative highly recommends a certain company, then it’s probably worth adding to your list.

2. Check Online Reviews Besides recommendations, online reviews can also help you find a reputable moving and storage service. Check the company’s website at the review section to see what their customers are talking about them. If the company has a low rating or no reviews at all, then there’s no need to waste your time. A reputable company will have positive comments and reviews from a variety of people. See how people what their customers are saying about their professionalism and rates and make your decision. If the reviews look too good to be true, ask the mover for several references from real customers, and speak to them about their experience.

3. Consider a Local Moving and Storage Service When it comes to moving, local movers are usually your best. Why? Because they understand the neighborhoods and the streets. Since they have likely worked in your neighborhood before, they’ll be able to give correct estimates on their delivery and timing. Also, if they offer storage services, you know your belongings will be nearby. Local companies also have another benefit: you can physically visit their offices. When it comes to your belongings, you can’t trust a guy on the internet. Even talking to them over the phone won’t prove they are legit. So sign up with a moving company that you’ve visited and talked to them in person.

4. Get Several Moving and Storage Quotes The first offer is not always the best. Get several estimates and make a comparison. Don’t choose the company with the lowest offer without first asking yourself why they are so cheap. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your belongings in the name of saving money. The best thing is to get at least 3 quoted before making your decision. Ask them to give you a written estimate so that you can be safe after the job is done. To give you a proper estimate, the mover should come to your home, assess your belongings, ask about the moving date, and your new place, and more. They should also ask you about any special items such as piano you’ll be moving. If they don’t ask you all these questions and just give you a figure, they cannot be trusted.
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