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The Leader in Self Storage in Reynoldsburg OH


When Searching for a self storage unit near Reynoldsburg OH consider the following:

  • Does the facility require personal locks?

  • Will the Storage unit have drive up access?

  • Will the cost of your unit rise over time?

There are various types of storage units, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. They include: 

a) Outdoor self storage – these resemble a garage and can be accessed from the outside of the building. They’re usually not temperature-controlled and they work best for items that can withstand different weather conditions such as vehicles, boats, and machinery. Quick access to your belongings is a plus, and usually, you can drive your truck or van right up to the storage unit for effortless unpacking.   

b) Indoor self storage – this is usually inside a building and can be accessed via some type of security systems, such as access-controlled gates and doors. The reason why you’d want an indoor storage unit is that they are more secure and they usually offer a stable temperature environment to store your precious belongings safely. Indoor storage facilities may offer both ground and upper-level storage, and you will likely have to pay more for the ground level.   

Reynoldsburg is a city just outside of Columbus OH and was originally known as Frenchtown.  Many residents enjoy living in Reynoldsburg as it has many of the amenities offered in Columbus with out the expenses while offering more green space than the big city.  Offering many public parks, family restaurants and quite comfortable atmosphere, Reynoldsburg has many great qualities.

For more robust shopping and cultural experience Columbus is just a short 15 min drive from Reynoldsburg.  For more info on Reynoldsburg click Here




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