Automobile Storage Facility

At Budget Storage we offer two types of auto storage options.  First, you can store your vehicle outside on our secure lot.  This is the most economical option and afford you a reserved parking space on our fenced property. If you choose to store your vehicle outside, we recommend using an auto cover to protect your vehicle from the elements. The second option is to reserve an inside storage unit. Nearly all auto makes and models will fit in to a 10×20 (standard single car garage) unit. Since all units at Budget Storage offer convenient drive-up access storing your auto and accessing it at any time is a breeze.
For more information about storing your auto at Budget Storage contact us at (614) 236-1278.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Automobile Storage Facility

When it comes to choosing a great storage facility there are three key steps to consider in order to ensure you are getting optimal service.

1. Price  You could find the absolute best place to store your cars, but if the automobile storage facility you choose has a price that you can’t pay, what’s the point? You need to ensure that you do your research and find a storage facility that is within your price-range. Consider what you are willing to spend and then search within that exact range. Never look for something that costs more than you can afford as it simply will be of no use to you. Once you find an assortment of options that have pricing that works, you need to proceed to the next step.

2. Space  While keeping in mind your price-threshold from the first step look at the space-options available. Do you just need enough space for a single car, or is this a situation where you have multiple cars of assorted lengths and height that will necessitate a great deal of space? After all, if you just need to store one motorcycle that requires a lot less space than if you had five RVs that needed to be safely put away in an automobile storage facility. You need to positive you don’t have too little space, but having too much space is just a waste of money as well. Should you anticipate growing your collection of automobiles having some extra space is indeed wise, however.

When considering the best automobile storage facility these two steps are integral in making sure you find the best selection for yourself. After making sure you have a good price, enough space, and it is climate controlled, you will have eliminated many bad choices and be left with only good selections to decide between when it comes to finding the optimal automobile storage facility.

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