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How to Choose the Best Camper and RV Storage Facility

RV Storage Facility

If you own a RV or Camper, then you know the joys and pleasure of hitting the road for an adventure. Whether you love camping or simply touring the countryside an RV is a wonderful item to enjoy for the whole family. However, there’s one problem that most all RV owners face – where to store their RV’s. At Budget Storage we offer a convenient and inexpensive solution for your RV or Camper on our secure lot.
The cost to store a RV or Camper depends on its size. For a quote and to check availability please call us at (614) 236-1278.

Storing your RV outside in your backyard or a driveway is a bad idea. Your RV will be exposed to the elements of nature, from rain to snow, from heat to cold. It will result in erosion and deterioration of the exterior of your RV. In addition, your neighbors might not be happy with a huge RV sitting in your yard blocking their view. Another free option of RV storing is your garage, but it also has problems. The main one is that various pests might get into your garage, and your RV would be the next destination for spiders, rodents, and termites. These problems can be solved by choosing a professional RV storing facility, and here are three steps on what to keep in mind when choosing one.

1. Features An RV storage facility without 24-hour access is not worth your time. If you are paying for a service, it better deliver with all the features you would want. Without the ones mentioned beforehand, a good RV storage facility should also have pest control, which will ensure that your RV is not damaged by unwelcomed guests.

2. Price Paying to store your RV in a storing facility can be expensive. Look at the comments and reviews, check the features they offer, and obviously, the price. Finding the best quality-to-price ratio should not be a difficult task. It can also be helped if you have friends with RVs who already use RV storing facility services. Ask around and see if your buddies recommend a certain facility.

3. Security This is one of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a facility to store your RV. First of all, an RV storing facility has to be secure from outside factors, like weather conditions. If the roof of a facility has holes or gaps in the walls, storing your RV there would deem it to get harmed. In addition, there should be CCTV cameras installed in case of intruders.

Also, 24-hour security at RV storing facility is recommended, in case someone tries to break in and steal your RV.

In conclusion, it is worth it to store your RV in a paid storing facility. When choosing the best such available services, look at the features they offer and whether it matches up with the price they are asking you for storing your RV. Finally, there should be high-level security, from the build quality of the facility itself to CCTV cameras and security staff.
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